Meet Yen Nhi, Accounting Manager.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Nhi studied at the National University of Economics and Law with a Major in Accounting and Auditing, commencing working at Acclime in October 2019 as Accounting Manager. At Acclime, Nhi is in charge services for a portfolio of clients, supervising and leading her team members, and advising clients on practical compliance and regulatory matters in order to ensure they are informed and compliant at all times.

Nhi believes that the best way to enable her team to be productive and deliver outstanding results is by empowering them to achieve their goals, taking responsibility for their actions and their deliverables, therefore facilitating improved satisfaction, motivation and efficiency. Delegating tasks is just the first step in creating an efficient team structure which can deliver sustained value to clients, however nurturing a positive work culture where everyone can share their ideas openly is vital for enabling growth at an individual and team level.

Nhi is constantly focused on improving her technical knowledge, and continuously seeks to gain further understanding of the financial aspects of successful businesses to learn how business are successful in the long term. To achieve this, Nhi is concomitantly attending courses for 3 separate qualifications: Master of Finance, CPA and CMA certifications.

In her free time, when she is not studying to improve her technical skills, Nhi enjoys travelling and exploring new locations in and outside Vietnam. Nhi hopes that this year she will be able to visit one of her dream destinations – Mongolia.

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Meet Yen Nhi, Accounting Manager