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Meet Thuong Tran, Payroll Assistant.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Thuong Tran pursued her major in Human Resources at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Little did she know that her journey would soon take a significant turn, leading her to Acclime, a place where she would find not just a job, but a thriving community for continuous growth.

Thuong joined Acclime in 2022, stepping into the role of Payroll Assistant. Her daily routine includes advising clients on specific HR compliance matters and preparing various reports related to salary, labor, and insurance. What truly excites Thuong every day is the opportunity to meet her colleagues and support her clients. Thuong says with a smile: “The positive energy at Acclime is contagious. Being surrounded by motivated and talented young professionals pushes me to strive for excellence. I’ve learned so much from my colleagues, both professionally and personally.”

From her first days, Thuong felt a sense of belonging at Acclime. “The environment here is young and dynamic, much easier to adapt to than my previous workplaces,” she recalls. Acclime Vietnam is always on the pulse of the latest trends and updates, creating a space that is innovative, professional, and friendly at the same time. This atmosphere not only makes work enjoyable but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and support.

Through her team meetings and interactions with diverse clients, Thuong has improved a variety of skills. She has gained technical knowledge about insurance, personal income tax (PIT), and labor reporting from her colleagues and Acclime Buddies. Beyond these technical skills, Thuong has developed critical soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, and time management. She values the monthly meetings where she learns not just about work but also life lessons from her coworkers.

Outside of work, Thuong is an avid traveler and sports enthusiast. She also has a keen interest in scientific research, reflecting her curiosity and academic passion. These hobbies provide her with a well-rounded lifestyle, balancing the demands of her professional life with personal interests and passions.

Looking ahead, Thuong has set her sights on further academic achievements. Within the next few years, she aims to pursue a master’s degree, driven by her desire to deepen her knowledge and expertise in her field. This goal is a testament to her dedication and ambition, qualities that have been nurtured during her time at Acclime.

Thuong Tran’s story at Acclime is one of growth, learning, and passion. It’s about a young professional finding her place in a supportive and dynamic environment, continuously evolving and striving for excellence. Her journey inspires those around her, illustrating the power of a positive work environment and the endless possibilities that come with dedication and a love for learning.

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Meet thuong tran, payroll assistant