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Meet Thao Bui, Accounting Officer.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Thao Bui, a dedicated professional who finds fulfillment in her work and continually seeks growth and improvement has graduated from the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City with a major in Accounting and Audit. Her career path was influenced by her family’s background in accounting and her move from Nam Dinh province to the dynamic city of Ho Chi Minh City underscores her adventurous spirit and commitment to pursuing opportunities aligned with her aspirations.

In her role, Thao embraces the daily challenges of accounting with enthusiasm, viewing each task as an opportunity for growth. Her responsibilities include collecting accounting data, maintaining meticulous bookkeeping records, and preparing detailed monthly reports. Regular interaction with clients has deepened her understanding of their financial structures, enabling her to provide tailored and accurate advice. Thao realizes that her work productivity is boosted by effective time management, prioritization skills, collaborative teamwork, and diligent information research.

Thao expresses “Acclime Vietnam has been instrumental in expanding my skill set. I have enhanced my proficiency in accounting, sharpened my time management abilities, and developed a keen eye for scrutinizing a comprehensive business picture based on actual data. None of this progress would have been achievable without the steadfast support of my managers, and teammates.”

Furthermore, Thao shared “My enthusiasm is driven by a supportive work environment characterized by collaboration among team members and the sharing of professional and personal experiences. Over my two years at Acclime, I have transformed from an introverted individual to a confident communicator, adept at delivering solutions to clients whenever they require assistance.”

Beyond her professional pursuits, Thao is a bookworm. She loves reading literature and poetry from the 1945s onward, appreciating the timeless values embedded within these works. During her leisure time, Thao enjoys connecting with relatives and friends, fostering meaningful relationships and enriching her life outside of work.

Thao’s advice to new accountants entering the field is rooted in her own experiences: she emphasizes the importance of being open to learning and unafraid to seek assistance when needed. She encourages newcomers to approach challenges with curiosity and humility, leveraging the knowledge and support of colleagues to navigate the complexities of accounting effectively.

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Meet thao bui, accounting officer