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Meet Tham Nguyen, Senior Payroll Consultant.

Ho Chi Minh City
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In the intricate world of HR & Payroll, in addition to numbers, salaries, bonus calculations, it is fundamental to have core knowledge, client management, and team working skills. Tham Nguyen, our Senior Payroll Consultant in Ho Chi Minh City office, embodies these principles through her remarkable journey with Acclime Vietnam.

Tham started on her academic journey at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management. Joining Acclime Vietnam in June 2019, she embarked on a career path defined by both technical excellence and a profound understanding of C&B practices. Notably, Tham’s commitment to self-improvement is evident, as she recounts her transition from having no prior educational background in Payroll at the university. However, throughout the initial years in her career, she diligently acquired knowledge and expertise through hands-on experience, guidance from mentors, and collaboration with her peers.

In her role as a Senior Payroll Consultant, Tham assumes a diverse array of responsibilities, which include providing guidance on C&B matters to her team member, managing Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Social Health Insurance (SHUI) matters, facilitating client onboarding and offboarding processes, and conducting research tasks alongside report preparation duties.

Tham’s advice to newcomers in the C&B space is that “the key to success lies in establishing a robust foundation from the outset. Embracing a mindset of continuous learning is essential, as it enables you to grasp the intricate processes and inherent regulations. By prioritizing learning and diligence right from the beginning, you pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career.”

When describing her team, Tham expresses that our team members resonate with each other on the same energetic wavelength, fostering a highly productive and cohesive working environment. In our regular meetings, we actively exchange valuable insights on life and discuss our favorite books, enriching our collective knowledge base. Notably, Ms. Tracy, our esteemed leader, consistently motivates and encourages me to strive for progress. Additionally, the seasoned expertise of Ms. Hong, Ms. Thanh, and Ms. Quyen has been invaluable to my learning journey, while the enthusiastic contributions of our junior team members have played a pivotal role in maintaining the unity and effectiveness of our team.

When asked about her tenure with the company, Tham shared “Having been part of Acclime Vietnam for nearly 5 years, I can confidently say that it has been an exciting and rewarding journey. What makes Acclime set apart from other companies is the professional environment. I value Acclime’s activities, such as myriad training sessions and team sharing workshops, which empower me to be better every day. Additionally, working on various projects and collaborating with different clients has enriched my knowledge in diverse domains and provided valuable work experience.”

Outside of her professional commitments, Tham is a family-oriented individual who places a high value on dedicating quality time to her family. During weekends, she engages in activities such as playing with her adorable daughter or reading her favorite books on self-help, educational books for mom. She believes that her role as a mother serves as a valuable learning experience. Engaging in activities with her child has provided Tham with insights into effective communication, active listening, and the importance of efficient time management to achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

If you want to work with this wonderful mom and seasoned Payroll Consultant, check out our career page here for a chance to earn yourself a #LifeAtAcclime badge.

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Meet tham nguyen, senior payroll consultant