Meet Phuong Vo, Head of Licensing.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Meet Phuong, Head of Licensing and Market Entry department at Acclime in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phuong studied at the Ho Chi Minh City University Law, achieving a Bachelor of Commercial Law and Business Administration, and started working at Acclime in February 2017. She leads the Licensing and Market Entry team, looking after international investors seeking to expand their business in Vietnam. Phuong and her colleagues support Acclime’s clients with numerous market entry, through services such as company incorporation, group structuring advice, licensing amendments, representative office establishment, assistance with practical/commercial advice, as well as comprehensive technical counsel.

Phuong coordinates a team of seven licensing officers and supervisors, and she takes great pride in developing their technical knowledge and leadership skills, by fostering a professional environment where each of the staff can learn and grow together as a team.

The most gratifying projects Phuong works on are always the “complicated” maters, she explains, referring to the tasks that require application of technical knowledge and practical commercial assistance. By combining legal foundations with commercial knowledge and financial concepts, Phuong is delivering impactful results and always finds the most effective solution for her engagements.

In her free time, Phuong takes pleasure in unwinding at home and enjoying well-deserved quality time with her friends and family.


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Meet Phuong Vo, Head of Licensing