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Meet Nhieu Tran, Assistant Associate – Licensing, Market Entry and Corporate Services.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Nhieu Tran’s professional trajectory underscores a persistent dedication to learning and professional growth throughout the years. Thirteen years ago, after graduating from Dalat University with a Major in Law, Nhieu embarked on his career trajectory at Acclime Vietnam as an Admin Specialist. Subsequently, driven by a desire to enhance his legal expertise, he became an integral support specialist regarding Work Permits and visa for foreigner individuals in Vietnam.

As a seasoned Work Permit and visa consultant with over 7 years of experience, Nhieu has the ability to forge productive relationships with authorities. His inclination for proposing solutions before seeking guidance reflects a depth of experience within his professional domain. Moreover, Nhieu is pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Law in Ho Chi Minh City, which underscores his solid dedication to continuous professional growth.

When asked to characterize Acclime, Nhieu succinctly captures its identity: “professional environment and continuous learning experience”. He explains:

“Acclime Vietnam is where I began my career journey. Since then, I have had the opportunity to develop my technical skills as a Work Permit expert. Everyone I have met at Acclime has consistently offered me support and encouragement, bringing valuable perspectives, which inspire me to improve every day. My team spirit plays a cornerstone role in my development.”

He also shared his thoughts on his team, stating that “Throughout my professional growth, Acclime and my team have consistently offered me support and encouragement. My team constantly demonstrates our commitment to excellence, embodying the ethos that nothing is impossible.”

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nhieu finds joy in both athletic endeavors and social interactions. With a passion for football and for engaging conversations, Nhieu balances his rigorous professional commitments with moments of leisure.


Acclime Vietnam is driven by people, such as Nhieu, who create the energy of our dynamic team. At Acclime, we seek people who care about delivering honest, professional and quality advice to our extended business community. We value diversity, inclusion, and trust, and we search for extraordinary individuals who are excited about working in an international corporate service practice.

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Meet nhieu tran, assistant associate – licensing, market entry and corporate services