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Meet Nhi Vo, Payroll Assistant.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Nhi embarked on her academic journey at Hoa Sen University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Her professional experience began with an HR internship at a renowned Japanese international advertising and public relations firm. Fueled by her interest in payroll services, Nhi joined Acclime Vietnam in July 2022.

As a Payroll Assistant, her responsibilities encompass a range of tasks including PIT, SMUI and compliance work, client onboarding and offboarding, as well as liaising with officials for paperwork management. She works in close collaboration with the client’s Human Resources department to maintain employee records, compute salaries, and ensure timely and accurate payment disbursement.

Nhi greatly values the team-centric activities offered by Acclime, such as monthly team events, bimonthly celebrations of achievements, and monthly training sessions. These experiences not only foster stronger relationships with her colleagues but also enhance her practical skills. She appreciates Acclime’s dedication to fostering both professional development and interpersonal relationships.

Beyond her professional life, Nhi is an enthusiast of outdoor activities including running, cycling, and go-kart racing. These hobbies provide a refreshing break from work and rejuvenate her energy levels, positively influencing her professional performance.

“My time at Acclime Vietnam has provided me with the opportunity to engage with and assist diverse clients, thereby enhancing my skills in work management and time efficiency. Over the course of the next year, I am committed to further developing my professional competencies and expertise as a Payroll Consultant.” Nhi said.


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Meet nhi vo, payroll assistant