Meet Ngan Pham, Accounting Officer.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Ngan studied at the Open University in Ho Chi Minh City with a Major in Accounting, commencing with Acclime in February 2019 as Accounting Junior. At Acclime, Ngan prepares management reports for clients, collects information and documents for the bookkeeping process, and undertakes statistical and FDI report preparation, all which are key prerequisites for international enterprises active in Vietnam.

Ngan is passionate about her work, particularly when she encounters complicated situations that require unique problem-solving skills, facilitating the use of her core technical skills to develop solutions for tasks. This also enables her to use her creativity and knowledge-based lateral thinking for the benefit of clients.

Ngan is constantly developing her career and seeks to obtain her CA certification and CPA qualifications in the next year, providing her with the right tools and expertise to deliver further value to her clients and team members.

Outside work, Ngan tries to achieve a healthy work life balance by focusing on her hobbies, listening to music and watching adventure and science fiction movies.

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Meet Ngan Pham, Accounting Officer