Meet Lien Le, Senior Accounting Officer.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Lien studied at the Industrial University in Ho Chi Minh City with a Major in Accounting, and started working at Acclime in June 2019 as an Accounting Officer. At Acclime, Lien is mostly responsible of reviewing management, VAS and other accounting reports prepared by her colleagues, and has a prime focus on leading her team’s communication with clients and other key stakeholders involved in the day to day compliance tasks.

Lien is extremely dedicated to her clients and her team, and is constantly seeking novel ways to overcome the challenges she regularly faces, such as multitasking, setting priorities and time management. Lien believes that know-how and valuable resources are not enough to be successful as an accountant senior; clear guidelines for defining priorities are also instrumental to enable her to manage large volumes of work and high value projects with urgent deadlines.

When she encounters a difficult task, Lien seeks to efficiently find the right solution, and believes that through clear and concise advice, investors are able to take informed decisions supported by access to relevant accounting information in a timely manner.

Lien is passionate about traveling and trekking in the mountains, her favorite location being an area of mountains in Dak Lak. One of her main motives and incentives for traveling is the love for food and cooking, and she feels fortunate to experience the culture of Vietnam through its diverse cuisine.

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Meet Lien Le, Senior Accounting Officer