Meet Khanh Dao, HR and Admin Officer.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Khanh studied at the University of Labour and Social Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City with Major in Human Resources Management and started working at Acclime in August 2019 as HR & Admin Officer. At Acclime, Khanh is responsible for the recruitment and onboarding procedures for new staff, compensation and benefits structures and support with specific HR and admin tasks relevant for employee engagement and culture.

Khanh believes that human resources management is a full circle process, which starts with recruitment and staff integration, training and value creation, and finalising with a special emphasis on the exit process of the employee. This model enables the company to bring a holistic, human centered approach to the recruitment and staff management strategy, with long term benefits for the employees as well.

Khanh’s passion is working with people, supporting them in their development and professional journey. In her opinion, the key asset which enables the wellbeing and health of a work collective is a genuine, consistent company culture. With this important lesson in mind, Khanh seeks to nurture an inclusive work environment, where staff can work together collaboratively, share ideas and always improve as a unified team.

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Meet Khanh Dao, HR and Admin Officer