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Meet Hai Le, Senior Accountant.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Hai graduated from the University of Economics, where he majored in Accounting. With an extensive professional background spanning more than 5.5 years, he has effectively assisted clients operating in diverse industries and market sectors. Joining Acclime Vietnam in October 2022, he quickly became an invaluable asset to the team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a proactive approach to his role.

In his current role at Acclime Vietnam, Hai works closely with tax authorities, ensuring compliance and accuracy in all financial matters. His daily responsibilities include reviewing the duties of junior officers, calculating monthly revenue, and consulting with foreign clients to provide tailored financial solutions. Hai’s meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of tax regulations make him a trusted advisor to both his colleagues and clients. His ability to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease is a testament to his proficiency and dedication.

Hai’s professional journey is characterized by a diverse skill set, with a particular emphasis on writing and effective communication in English. His proficiency in these areas enables him to articulate complex financial concepts clearly and concisely, facilitating better understanding and decision-making for his clients. Over the years, Hai has continually improved his communication skills, making him adept at client consultations and relationship management.

In 2023, Hai gained the Best Employees of the Year title, and he shared with us his valuable insights for this achievement: “Be proactive in addressing problems and prioritize teamwork. By anticipating issues before they arise and collaborating effectively with colleagues, you can not only enhance your performance but also contribute significantly to your team’s success.” Hai’s journey at Acclime underscores the importance of these principles, as his proactive and team-oriented approach has consistently yielded outstanding results.

Outside of his professional life, Le Dai Hai enjoys a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. His hobbies include playing games, sleeping, and reading English stories. These interests not only help him relax and recharge but also contribute to his continuous learning and personal development.

Hai’s career goal is to take the CPA and ACCA exams, further strengthening his professional expertise and broadening his horizons in the field of accounting. His dedication to both his personal and professional growth makes him a standout member of the Acclime Vietnam team.

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Meet hai le, senior accountant