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What you should know about Vietnam’s immigration and work permit issues during Covid-19 in 2021.

Episode 16

In this episode, we are discussing about the current challenges foreign individuals living and working in Vietnam are facing in regard to their immigration status, residency prerequisites, work permit issues. These matters have become more prevalent in the last few months due to the authorities’ focus on the immigration and labour compliance for foreign individuals in Vietnam, creating a significant amount of distress and confusion in the expat community.

We cover:

  • how do tourist and business visas work in practice and what is their intended use
  • latest updates from immigration authorities regarding the denial of visa extensions for certain individuals
  • the 4 year rule for work permits for foreign individuals in Vietnam
  • work permit renewal and other issues from Decree 152 covering labour for foreign individuals
  • advice for foreign individuals living in Vietnam regarding their residency and visa or work permit issues