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Understanding transfer pricing in Vietnam: Risks and opportunities.

Episode 13

In this episode, we discuss about the transfer pricing provisions in Vietnam. We will cover the current regulations in regard to transfer pricing, outlining specific elements regarding the TP documentation, guidance on tax deductibility of interest, application timeline and opportunities for savings.


We cover some of the following issues:

  1. How does the Transfer Pricing international principle translate in the Vietnamese context and business environment, how do the authorities here interpret transfer pricing provisions?
  1. Are there any exemptions in Vietnam regarding the preparation of the transfer pricing documentation?
  2. There are certain tax deductions for interest expenses and carry forward interest deductions for future periods. How do these apply?
  3. Based on the cross-border entity structure of an organisation, there are specific provisions in respect of the responsibility for preparing and filing reports. What are these country by country reporting requirements?
  4. What are the deadlines and timeframe for submitting the transfer pricing documentation?
  1. What are the next steps foreign investors should take in regards to transfer pricing, in order to clarify their obligations and compliance, and also to better understand their potential tax savings?