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Transforming Vietnam’s Manufacturing Sector from Low Cost to High Productivity.

Episode 40

Vietnam’s manufacturing sector stands as a beacon of economic resilience and growth, contributing around 25% to the nation’s GDP. This pivotal industry attracts global investments due to Vietnam’s strategic location, competitive labor costs, and robust trade agreements. As the country navigates the post-pandemic world, the manufacturing sector remains crucial, driving growth and positioning Vietnam as a dynamic player in the international market.

In this episode, Vlad Savin, Partner at Acclime Vietnam, engages in a deep dive conversation with Rizwan Khan, Managing Partner of Acclime Vietnam.

Together, they unravel:

  • Practical insights on the potential of the manufacturing sector in Vietnam
  • How digital transformation benefits the overall value chain of the export economy
  • The trade benefits that have positioned Vietnam as a key supply chain diversification location globally

Vietnam’s manufacturing sector, despite the setbacks of 2023, is poised for significant growth in 2024. The combination of FDI, trade recovery, industrial production, government initiatives, and sector-specific growth presents a promising outlook. For investors, Vietnam offers a compelling choice with its strategic advantages, competitive costs, and supportive policies, making it a standout destination for manufacturing diversification in the region.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing landscape in Vietnam and the pivotal shifts steering it towards a future of high productivity and innovation. Don’t miss out on this episode on our Youtube channel!

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