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Setting up and Structuring a Manufacturing Business in Vietnam.

Episode 34

Manufacturing is a significant sector for foreign investors in Vietnam, where 60% of total FDI in Vietnam is generated by the manufacturing sector. In this Advance in Vietnam podcast episode, we discuss the practical market entry strategies specifically for manufacturing businesses, and delve into case studies and best practices.

Some highlights covered:

  • The key steps investors take to find the right location for their business.
  • Some of the actions investors undertake when dealing and negotiating with Industrial Parks or Export Zones in respect to setting up their manufacturing facility.
  • When the negotiations and the specific details are finalised regarding the location, investors then generally proceed with the entity registration of their corporate structure, which can take various models?
  • Some of the key licensing conditions and provisions which investors generally have to consider, after obtaining the company establishment certificates?
  • Statutory requirements related to general environmental standards in manufacturing operations.
  • Some of the key incentives sought out by investors in manufacturing.
  • How to investors in manufacturing create their onshore/and offshore structure and business model, to ensure its corporate governance effectiveness?