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Repatriating funds for foreign investors in Vietnam: Misconceptions and best practices.

Episode 15

In this episode, we are discussing about the ways corporations and individuals doing business and working in Vietnam can repatriate funds abroad in a compliant and tax efficient manner, looking at dividends, capital gains, salaries, and other types of income from various revenue sources.

We cover the following areas:

  • The repatriation of profits through dividend payments and overall process for remitting these dividends
  • Banking restrains or regulatory/compliance issues which investors should be aware off
  • How can investors use loans and service contracts to send funds in and out of Vietnam in a compliant manner
  • Can the charter capital of a company in Vietnam be repatriated, and what is the generic process to undertake capital repatriation
  • How can foreign individuals repatriate their salaries, and other sources of income generated in Vietnam?