Podcast: Advance in Vietnam.

Advance in Vietnam Podcast Series seeks to answer pertinent questions about doing business in Vietnam. Hosted by Vlad Savin and Matthew Lourey, the series will feature current topics relating to business, compliance and corporate governance in Vietnam, emphasising challenges and opportunities faced by investors.

Latest episodes.

Repatriating funds for foreign investors in Vietnam: Misconceptions and best practices
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Community building and investment opportunities from Europe into Vietnam
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Understanding transfer pricing in Vietnam: Risks and opportunities
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Understanding Personal Income Tax in Vietnam (PIT)
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E-commerce in Vietnam: licensing, trading and registration provisions for foreign investors
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Obligations and opportunities for foreign providers of digital services in Vietnam
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Understanding tax for companies operating in Vietnam
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Issues in managing accounting and compliance in Vietnam for international groups
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Business structures in Vietnam for foreign investors: recommendations & distinctions
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7 critical mistakes investors make after starting a business in Vietnam
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