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Optimizing Corporate Tax Structures for Foreign Investors in Vietnam.

Episode 35

In this Advance in Vietnam episode “Optimizing Corporate Tax Structures for Foreign Investors in Vietnam”, our in-house experts talk about the best practices and regulatory requirements for corporate tax planning in Vietnam from a foreign investor’s perspective.

Some highlights covered:

  • The standard tax rates for investors in Vietnam.
  • Compliance calendar which tracks all the tax compliance reporting dates for these taxes and other requisites for businesses in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam currently is part 83 double tax agreements, and often these represent a significant value add for investors when planning their tax strategies.
  • What role do Industrial Parks, Economic Zones and Export Processing Zones play in the overall taxation structuring for investors in Vietnam.
  • The transfer pricing rules in Vietnam.
  • Tax onshore-offshore structuring strategy.
  • Some common mistakes when it comes to corporate tax structuring and compliance in Vietnam.
  • When and how should investors start this tax structing process?

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of Corporate Tax Structures for Foreign Investors in Vietnam. Don’t miss out on this episode on our Youtube channel!

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