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Navigating the Repatriation of Funds for Foreign Investors in Vietnam.

Episode 37

The repatriation of profits through dividend payments is an important element to any foreign investment in Vietnam. In this episode, Matthew Lourey (Managing Partner at Acclime Vietnam) discusses with Vlad Savin (Head of BD of Acclime Vietnam) about regulatory provisions and international best practices for repatriation funds relevant for foreign investors who undertake business in Vietnam.

Some significant key takeaways:

  • The key issues foreign investors experience with funds repatriation
  • The current regulations for foreign investors to repatriate funds from Vietnam
  • How does the choice of method for repatriating funds depend on the investor’s commercial objectives and legal feasibility?
  • The process for opening a Direct Investment Capital Account at an authorized bank in Vietnam
  • Some methods for foreign investors to repatriate funds from their business in Vietnam through intercompany transactions
  • The process for repatriating profits through dividend payments to foreign investors in Vietnam
  • Recent changes to compliance with foreign loans regulations affected foreign investors in Vietnam
  • How do tax implications affect the repatriation of funds for foreign investors in Vietnam?
  • Some common misconceptions about repatriating funds from Vietnam
  • Note about the nominee company for instance as well, trapped funds etc
  • Some best practices for foreign investors to follow when repatriating funds from Vietnam