How does registering a foreign-owned company in Vietnam work?.

Episode 2

In the second Episode of “Advance in Vietnam” Podcast Series, Vlad Savin is discussing with Matthew Lourey, Managing Director at Acclime Vietnam the most important questions investors ask when registering a foreign owned company in Vietnam, covering the main steps to obtain the needed certificates, and explaining in detail what are the key processes and procedures.

Some of the topics in the discussion include:

  1. What Documents are Required in order to Establish a Company in Vietnam?
  2. What are the statutory positions in a Vietnamese entity, (for example, the Legal Representative) what do they do, and why are they important? Are there any other key roles in a company established in Vietnam except the Legal Representative?
  3. After the company is established and the investor obtains the Enterprise Registration Certificate, what are the immediate requirements post-establishment?
  4. When are Investors Required to Contribute their Charter Capital and what is the process of transferring the funds into the Vietnamese entity (whilst looking at the bank accounts)?
  5. What are the key difference between a foreign owned company in Vietnam and a locally owned company? And why is this important for international investors seeking to enter Vietnam?

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