Managing compliance & risk: How do businesses cope with COVID-19 in Vietnam?.

Episode 3

In this episode of “Advance in Vietnam” podcast series, Vlad Savin is discussing with Matthew Lourey, Managing Partner at Acclime Vietnam about how companies in Vietnam can maintain compliance and ensure their business continuity plan is sustainable. How can businesses put in place a clear corporate governance framework, covering all levels of compliance and operational strategy? And, how can they integrate these with an efficient risk management approach and a clear employee engagement and protection policy, to overcome the difficulties they are facing and maintain their ability to operate?

Some of the topics in discussion are:

  1. How can businesses adopt an efficient risk management approach on all levels of compliance, to mitigate any potential complications?
  2. How should companies prepare their compliance calendar and why is it important?
  3. What are the labour implications of the current crisis and how should companies undertake labour compliance?
  4. How is the situation with work-permits and visas for foreign staff, what are the implications here and what should companies do?
  5. Are companies allowed to unilaterally terminate employees, if they are facing critical operational difficulties? And how does insurance work in case employees get sick?
  6. How does the government support businesses active in Vietnam, and what are the incentives and potential tax breaks/deferments?

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