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What foreign investors should consider when entering Vietnam and in the first year of activity.

Episode 4

In this Episode of “Advance in Vietnam” Podcast Series, Vlad Savin is discussing with Matthew Lourey, Managing Partner at Acclime Vietnam, about the key considerations foreign investors should be aware of when entering the market in Vietnam, and how to make sure they commence their operations in a correct and compliant manner.

Some of the topics in discussion are:

  1. What are the most common corporate structures investors chose for their businesses and what should they consider when starting their entity in Vietnam, from a structural perspective?
  2. What should businesses know about creating bank accounts in a compliant manner, and why are these critical for the newly established companies in Vietnam?
  3. What are the ways investors can transfer funds in and out of the Vietnamese structure, and what are the procedures companies should follow to be compliant with current regulations?
  4. Where investors don’t follow their compliance obligations correctly in Vietnam, the corrective actions are extended, costly, and distracting. How important is the compliance factor in the first year of activity, and how should investors mitigate this risk?