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Foreign invested vs. locally owned business in Vietnam: Key differences and benefits.

Episode 22

In this episode, we discuss about the key differences between foreign invested companies in Vietnam and locally owned entities, highlighting the benefits and risks of each type of structure and practical insights for choosing your market entry model into Vietnam.


Some of the topics of discussion are:

  • Common process for setting up a generic foreign owned enterprise
  • Benefits for having a foreign owned entity in Vietnam
  • Key differences for locally owned entities in Vietnam and registration process
  • How authorities treat the foreign and locally owned companies in Vietnam, from a compliance and reporting perspective
  • What are the potential risks for a foreign investor when considering setting up a locally owned company in Vietnam
  • Downsides and issues to consider for investors who choose to register a foreign owned enterprise in country
  • Viable option for investors to choose the locally owned entity route, and why would it make sense from a business perspective