Labour, employment, work permit and residency insights in Vietnam.

Episode 5

In this Episode of “Advance in Vietnam” Podcast Series, Vlad Savin is discussing with Matthew Lourey, Managing Director at Acclime Vietnam about labour and employment updates for Vietnamese companies and how employers can ensure they remain compliant with the changing laws and regulations, looking as well at new provisions for residency and work permits for foreign individuals based in Vietnam.

Some of the topics in discussion are:

  1. General overview on the main points companies need to be aware of regarding the New 2019 Labour Code;
  2. How do Labour Contracts work in Vietnam and what are the various elements we need to be aware of?
  3. The duration and provisions for temporary resident cards for foreign individuals are changed under the new law. What are the new amendments according to the Law of Entry and Exit?
  4. What type of contracts does the new labour law prescribe and how should companies undertake them in order to be compliant?
  5. How does contract termination work under the new labour law and what are the key differences compared with the old law?
  6. Can employers unilaterally terminate Labour contractors due to the pandemic? Or can salaries or benefits be reduced under current regulations?

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