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7 Strategies Employed by Successful Investors in Vietnam.

Episode 33

In this podcast we will explore “7 Strategies Employed by Successful Investors in Vietnam” by identifying and analyzing the most important areas investors get right when undertaking activities in country.

7 most common areas where successful investors in Vietnam align in their thinking and actions:

  • Don’t create false, wishful expectations from the outset, and they are able to adapt fast.
  • Stay out of the local, opaque, dubious business practices, and always maintain high standards in their compliance, corporate governance, and business practices.
  • Have a very good understanding of the capital, funds flow in their Vietnamese structure.
  • The best path and the best time for investors to set up their operations.
  • Don’t fight the process driven, bureaucratic, paper heavy regulatory environment.
  • Do not rely on 1 single individual/employee.
  • Leverage the significant knowledge of experts in the market.