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The Advance of Fintech in Vietnam (2023).

Gain valuable insights into Vietnam’s Fintech landscape, gathered from finance, investment, legal, and market research experts.

Prepared by Acclime Vietnam, supported by Decision Lab
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Our Fintech industry report can help you:

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    Gain understanding of digital transformation in Vietnam

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    Understand Vietnam’s Fintech ecosystem and its future prospects

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    Identify opportunities for international investors to tap into new, innovative business models

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The financial technology industry (Fintech) leverages technology to augment, streamline and digitise traditional financial services, thus providing material benefits to public and private stakeholders across the entire economic environment.

In Asia, the Fintech industry has attracted significant support and funding from investors, governments, and corporations, as a effective way to deliver social and economic outcomes. With millions of people still unbanked or under-banked, Fintech in Vietnam is in the midst of revolutionising the entire economy.

These factors present significant opportunities for international investors to tap into new, innovative business models in the technology and financial space.

What is in the report?

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The 72-page market insight report details:

  • Fintech’s role in Vietnam’s growth
  • Vietnam’s economic outlook
  • Tracing the journey of a growing digital economy
  • Vietnam’s Fintech ecosystem and future prospects

  • Vietnam Fintech market dynamics

  • Transformation of Vietnam’s banking industry
  • Fintech’s role in advancing sustainable development in Vietnam
  • Fostering innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • The path towards sustainable growth

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