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Payroll outsourcing services in Vietnam.

Let us take care of the payroll process for your business in Vietnam. Our experienced team and cloud-based software will efficiently help run your company’s payroll, keeping your staff happy and your business compliant.

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Outsource your payroll
to our in-country experts.

Make managing your payroll painless with the help of our experienced payroll & labour professionals. Our online-managed payroll services include:

Integrated compliance

Besides taking care of your payroll, we will also file compliance reports on your behalf and update you of any changes regarding labour, tax, and accounting regulations to help us ensure your continual compliance.

Simplified & effective control

We help you focus on developing your staff through better onboarding, training, and development while we simplify payroll tasks and remove the burden generally associated with payroll process management.

Client self-service portal

We will manage your company’s payroll and HR compliance through our secure HR software system. Both employees and management have access to their relevant information anytime and anywhere via a website and mobile app.

Essential payroll services

Our payroll services.

  • Initial registration for a newly registered company

    We will import your employee data and prepare general templates to set up the payroll system to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has.

    What is included?

    Initial registration for a newly registered company.

    Our services include:

    • Collect information and documents related to HR and payroll of the company and its staff
    • Prepare and agree on a standard labour contract, generated from the payroll software, under the Vietnam Labour Law
    • Set-up the payroll template
    • Design standard reports (and payslips) for discussion and approval by the company
    • Create a software ID for the company
    • Input/import staff information into the Human Resource Management Software


  • Monthly payroll calculation, processing & reporting

    Each month, we will alert you to confirm essential employee details, and then handle all your payroll paperwork and payments (optional). You only need to review and approve, with all reports and documents available to you in real-time on our online platform.

    What is included?

    Monthly payroll calculation, processing & reporting.

    Payroll calculation

    • Calculate monthly gross salaries, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (SIHIUI), and Personal Income Tax (PIT) for employees based on the timesheet provided, including payment batches for salary disbursement
    • Advise client’s team on monthly salary payment for their processing
    • Prepare and generate monthly payroll reports
    • Attend to enquiries from employees and management on payroll

    Monthly payroll processing (optional)

    Each month, we will review and upload into your online banking software your approved payments, including salary payments, PIT payments, and SIHIUI payment.

    This simplifies your payment process and can be reviewed and approved via email and online with the bank token. For clients using these services, we generally process monthly payments on agreed dates each month (maximum three days for the three types of payment).


    • Each month, we prepare a complete pay sheet, with supporting information, for client approval.
    • At the end of each quarter, we will release a detailed HR report which indicate statistics of resignations, new employs, and rehires.


  • Tax compliance support

    In addition to monthly payroll and SIHUI processing, we can also support the company in completing PIT obligations covering quarterly PIT declarations and annual PIT finalisations.

    What is included?

    Tax compliance support .

    Quarterly PIT declaration

    • Working with the company’s accounting team to obtain and clarify the relevant information and documents
    • Calculating the total taxable amount for the income of employees under labour contract and non-employees that the company is required to declare
    • Preparing the quarterly declaration, and lodgment with the authority

    Annual tax refundable calculation

    • Calculating the exact PIT amount for total income during the year based on total temporary income tax
    • Sending the spreadsheet to the company for review/approval

    Annual PIT finalisation preparation and submission

    • Collating the supporting documents provided by the company that are required for the PIT finalisation (for staff who are able to appoint the company to finalise their PIT on their behalf)
    • Preparing the PIT returns
    • Lodging the PIT finalisation with the tax authority

    Monthly, annually

  • HR compliance and support

    Handling employment contract preparation and management, renewals via contracts or appendix, and payroll adjustments.

    What is included?

    HR compliance and support.

    • Obtain the information regarding new staff/resignation
    • Prepare and manage contracts upon an agreed template
    • Complete staff management, including staff particulars and personal information
    • Track labour contract terms and inform client before contracts expire, so re-contracting decisions can be made
    • Input adjusted information regarding contract terms or salaries into the software, including renewals via contract or appendix

    Monthly, quarterly, annually


Additional payroll services.

E-payslips & payroll data

The E-payslip service provides remote access for your staff to access their payroll and payment-related information. It provides a central place for corporate staff (including those in foreign headquarters) to access corporate payroll data.

For all staff:

  • Convenient access via website/app to view payslips and associated data
  • Send feedback via website/app should there be any issues or queries with calculations or payments, freeing the employer from admin/support duties

For management or administrative staff:

  • Provides access to employee payroll information in a transparent and confidential manner
  • Efficiently manage and retrieve payroll data for the company, which can assist with local analysis as well as meet international/group data requirements


  • Establishment of the services and provide each staff with an individual account/login to access the software
  • Input required information, assign software parameters, and assign administrator permissions appropriately based on staff positions and company authority structures
  • Provide practical instruction documentation and support

Ongoing scope of work

Specific details of work to be undertaken include:

  • Generating the payslips, in the agreed format, from the paysheet calculation process
  • Attending to enquiries from employees on feedback received through the website/app
E-leave management

The E-leave management service provides remote access for staff to view their leave balances, and for them to submit leave requests to their managers. This allows your management to monitor and approve leaves, without the need for paper submissions, which can be authorised remotely or from abroad, and provides necessary flexibility in companies with operations across multiple locations.

For all staff:

  • Ease of application (or modification) of leave requests via website or mobile app without paperwork or physical signatures
  • Viewing of leave history and balances via website/app

For management or administrative staff:

  • Automatic notification of pending leave requests for approval
  • Online approval or rejection of the annual leave applications without paperwork or signatures
  • Conveniently manage and view leave data for staff or teams for efficient planning


  • Establishment of the services and provide each staff with an individual account/login to access the software
  • Input the required information, and assign software parameters and appropriate administrator permissions, based on staff positions and company authority structures
  • Provide practical instruction documentation and support

Ongoing scope of work

Specific details of work to be undertaken include:

  • Tracking employee leave requests and balance of leave available
  • Integrate leave process into payroll calculation
  • Export the leave reports for client submission for monthly review and sign-off

Improve your productivity with our payroll services.

Our comprehensive package provides greater transparency to employers and a rewarding experience for employees. We leverage automation and analytics to put focus on human capital and boost their productivity.

Benefits for the employer:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better staff retention
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low level of risk
  • Increased compliance rating and support
  • Automation and user friendly
  • Tax efficiency

Rewards for the employee:

  • Simplified and easy-to-use process
  • Convenient online and cloud access
  • Automatic time scheduling
  • Accurate insurance calculations and submissions
  • Fast access to employee information
  • Expatriate support
Acclime benefits

Why outsource your payroll
to Acclime?

Capital usd

Reduced operating costs

Save expenses with our cost-effective payroll technology. There is no need to worry about any hidden costs as our fees are transparent and predictable. We can also decrease your spendings by combining it with other services such as HR, accounting and taxation.

Compliance services

Complete payroll solution

Our services will provide you with everything you will need to pay your staff accurately and on schedule, from calculating payroll and benefits through tax computation to payments, robust reporting and statutory compliance filings. Everything is customed to meet your company size and needs.


Effective communication & reporting

Make your work hassle-free and be in the loop of your payroll process with our effective payroll services, consistent reporting and communication through a single point of contact.

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Not happy with your current provider?

Move your payroll to Acclime.

Switching from one HR & payroll firm to another does not have to give you sleepless nights! We will take care of the entire process for you, from start to finish, starting with contacting your current provider to requesting all the info we need to act on your behalf. We will take care of the cumbersome process while you focus on growing your business.


Common questions.

Is the 13th-month pay mandatory in Vietnam?
The 13th-month salary is not compulsory in Vietnam; it depends on company performance of the year, and investors can choose whether to use this bonus structure or not in Vietnam.
What other mandatory benefits employees in Vietnam are entitled to?

Annual paid holidays: Employees in Vietnam benefit from fully paid holidays. Annual leave (12 days), public holidays (10 days) which will increase to 11 days effective from Jan 1, 2021. Also, an employee may take fully paid leave for personal reasons in the following cases: Marriage (3 days); marriage of his/her child (1 day); death of a blood parent or a parent of his/her spouse, his/her spouse or child (3 days).

Rest breaks during working hours: An employee who works for eight hours consecutively or six hours is entitled to a break of at least 30 minutes in the middle of working which must be counted in the working hours. An employee who works at night is entitled to a break of at least 45 minutes in the middle of working schedule, which must be counted in the working hours. 

Weekly breaks: Every week, an employee is entitled to a break of at least 24 consecutive hours. In special cases, the employer shall ensure the employees have at least four days off on average in a month.

Insurance regime: Employees in Vietnam benefit from compulsory social insurance, compulsory health insurance, unemployment insurance, and are entitled to the benefits in accordance with the social insurance and health insurance laws.

Annual Health check: Employees benefit from having periodical health check-ups once per year.

How long is maternity leave in Vietnam?
  1. Female employees are entitled to a six-month leave before and after childbirth. For a female employee who gives birth to twins or more infants, she is entitled to an additional leave of one month for each infant from the second.

The maternity leave period before childbirth must not exceed two months.

  1. Male employees currently paying social insurance premiums whose wives give birth to children are entitled to a maternity leave of:
  2. 5 working days;
  3. 7 working days, in case their wives undergo a surgical birth or give birth to children before 32 weeks of pregnancy;
  4. 10 working days, in case their wives give birth to twins; or additional three working days for each infant from the second;
  5. 14 working days, in case their wives give birth to twins or more infants and undertake childbirth operation.

The maternity leave period specified in this clause must be within the first 30 days after the date of childbirth.

What are the terms and conditions for employee termination in Vietnam?
  1. An employee may unilaterally terminate the employment contract: An employee shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the employment contract, provided he/she notices the employer in advance:
  2. a) at least 45 days in case of an indefinite-term employment contract;
  3. b) at least 30 days in case of an employment contract with a fixed term less than 36 months;
  4. c) The notice period in certain fields and jobs shall be specified by the government.
  5. An employer may unilaterally terminate the employment contract: An employer shall have the right to unilaterally terminate an employment contract in one of the following circumstances:
  6. a) The employee repeatedly fails to perform his/her work according to the criteria for assessment of employees’ fulfilment of duties established by the employer.
  7. b) The employee is sick or has an accident and remains unable to work after having received treatment for a period of 12 consecutive months in the case of an indefinite-term employment contract, for six consecutive months or more than half the duration of the contract in the case of an employment contract with a fixed term less than 36 months.
  8. c) Due to a natural disaster, fire, dangerous epidemic, enemy sabotage or relocation or reduction of production and business at the request of a competent state agency, the employer has sought all remedial measures recovery but still forced to reduce the workplace;
  9. d) The employee is not present at the workplace after the time limit;
  10. e) The employee is at full retirement age, unless otherwise agreed;
  11. f) The employee voluntarily quit his job without having a plausible reason for five consecutive working days or more;

g) The employee provides untruthful information when entering into a labour contract, affecting the recruitment of the employee.

What payroll software do you use?
We always use locally compliant software system, with cloud-based functionalities and a secure focused approach.
Who will submit/pay employee salary tax?
There is no salary tax per se, but there is personal income tax, social insurance, and other taxes. Generally, the company pays for it on behalf of the employee. When the employee has revenue from other sources, except the salary, he/she needs to undertake the tax finalisation directly with the tax authorities; the company can’t automatically do this on their behalf, as they are not related to the other revenue’s taxes.
How is social insurance calculated in Vietnam?
Social insurance to be shouldered by the employer is at 17.5% of the gross salary, while 8% is to be paid by the employee.
How much is employee income tax in Vietnam?
The Personal Income Tax (PIT) in Vietnam will be based upon an individual’s tax residency status. Employment income is generally subject to varying progressive rates, with other income subject to fixed tax rates. Depending on an individual’s monthly taxable income bracket, the PIT rate can range from 5% to 35% if you are a tax resident. The PIT rate for a non-tax resident is at 20%.
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