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Vietnam Fintech Brief in 2023.

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Vietnam fintech brief in 2023

The technology-enabled innovation in financial services known as Fintech is presenting significant opportunities in Vietnam for international investors. According to World Financial Innovation Series, Vietnam’s Fintech is witnessing the highest growth rate in ASEAN and is predicted to reach a staggering 18 billion USD mark by 2024. Recently, the government approved Vietnam’s National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, paving the way for Fintech investors in the country.

Overall, Vietnam remains one of the most attractive markets in the region for investors interested in the fintech sector, and the potential for value creation is significant. To surf on the Fintech wave, entrants should be aware of the complex regulatory framework, take advantage of digital workforce as well as understand potential challenges ahead in order to build successful and sustainable products for consumers in Vietnam.

This publication will help entrants understand the opportunities and challenges of this industry in the Vietnam market, and sketch out a picture of the investment environment and market entry requirements and conditions for specific Fintech activities. Download our Vietnam Fintech Brief in 2023 for specifics.

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Updated on August 8, 2023
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