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Compliance reviews: Managing company risk.

Compliance reviews: managing company risk

Business owners and managers delegate and trust crucial business information and practices to their finance and accounting staff. Most owners and managers are not experts in Vietnamese accounting, tax and payroll practices, and can only assume that everything is being completed correctly and on time unless their staff tell them otherwise. Unfortunately, not all staff are complete experts and do not always understand the commercial and risk implications of their actions.

Our guide to compliance reviews explains the risks involved and how they are mitigated by managers and owners.

A compliance review is an independent review of your accounting, taxation and payroll systems. In other words, our team looks to see where your weaknesses and risks arise from based upon a finance, tax and government perspective, and we make you aware of these risks and weaknesses. Risks can arise from items such as late lodgements; incorrect calculation processes; incorrect documentation; poor governance or controls; failure to review or prepare documentation; non-compliance with laws; and generally poor accounting.

The results of the compliance review and issued in the form of a report. The report is in three parts:

  1. General overview and commentary on the company, processes and risks that have been identified.
  2. Details of key weaknesses and risk areas identified, possible consequences of these matters, and suggestions on how to best manage or mitigate these identified weaknesses and risks
  3. Summary of business areas reviewed during our compliance review with provided comments/notes on each of the areas.

Download our guide and begin eliminating risks of non-compliance.

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Download a free PDF version of this guide

The PDF version contains all of the content and resources found in the web-based guide.

Updated on December 22, 2020
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