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Company registration
in Vietnam.

Navigate the complexities of Vietnamese business registration with Acclime. Our expert guidance simplifies the intricacies of setting up a company, ensuring a seamless market entry and ongoing administrative ease.

Business registration in hong kong

Set up your business in Vietnam with confidence.

Expert guidance

We will seamlessly guide you through the government requirements, removing the confusion and providing clarity for what can be an otherwise drawn-out process for starting a business.

Speed fast

Fast processing

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so our services and solutions are tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Capital usd

Transparent pricing

We provide a custom quote based on your needs that lays out everything you get and how much you will pay— no hidden fees.

*Our specialists work hard to get your business up and running in as fast as six weeks, depending on your sector and business line, and answer your queries in one business day.
Company registration options

Select the best structure for your business.

We can help you establish a 100% foreign-owned company or a jointly foreign and domestic owned enterprise in Vietnam. The most popular corporate structures are:

Joint stock company.

Ideal for (foreign) investors who require complex corporate structures.

  • Dot
    Can trade
  • Dot
    Minimum 3 owners
  • Dot
    100% foreign owned or JV
  • Dot
    Management board required

6-8 weeks

Setup time

Talk to an expert

Limited liability companies.

The most common structure for foreign investors setting up operations in Vietnam.

  • Dot
    Can trade
  • Dot
    Single or multiple owners
  • Dot
    100% foreign-owned or JV
  • Dot
    Legal representative required

6-8 weeks

Setup time

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Representative office.

Ideal for foreign companies seeking to research and study the market in Vietnam.

  • Dot
    Cannot trade
  • Dot
    No shareholders or partners
  • Dot
    100% owned by head office
  • Dot
    Chief representative required

4-6 weeks

Setup time

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Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us and let our specialists help with choosing the best structure for your business. We can advise you on anything from capital investment, full foreign ownership options to shareholder requirements and more.

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreign investor.

Under the World Trade Organization (WTO) commitment, a wide range of sectors and business lines in Vietnam allow 100% foreign ownership. However, other industries have specific levels of limitations — restricted, unspecified, or uncommitted — for foreign investors. Talk to one our specialists for definitive advice on your enterprise’s intended sector to invest in.

Registration process

Six steps to
start your new business.

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1. Preparation of required documents for application

These include:

  • Lease agreement – Each applicant must have a lease (or pre-lease) agreement in place for where their company will be registered.
  • Proof of financial capacity – Investors must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds at the bank or the financial capacity to meet their investment commitments in Vietnam, and
  • Investor documents – Each investor will need to have appropriate notarised/legalised documents from their home country for the application.
Up to two weeks

2. Application for an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)

The first step for a foreign investor seeking to establish a company in Vietnam is to register an “investment project” — the purpose of the foreign investor’s company. The resulting IRC permits the foreign investor to commence the establishment of their company in Vietnam. The IRC is akin to the concept of “Foreign Investment Approval” in other jurisdictions.

Up to three weeks

3. Application for an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)

While the IRC is the outcome of the investment project registration that foreign-owned companies must complete in their establishment process, the ERC is the certificate of incorporation that all companies, both local and foreign-owned, must possess. After obtaining the IRC, the application for the ERC will begin. Once the ERC is issued, the company basic information will also be disclosed on the National Enterprise Registration Portal.

Up to one week

4. Initial post-establishment registrations

These are procedures implemented after company incorporation, which include:

  • Application for making public notification of the new company’s establishment
  • Purchase and provision of company seal
  • Application for announcement of the seal specimen
  • Drafting decision of appointment of the general director/director
Up to two weeks

5. Additional post-licensing and sub-licensing applications

After successfully registering a company in Vietnam, depending on the company’s business activity, the investor may need to apply for additional licenses or sub-licenses, according to licensing requirements and conditions for specific sectors, industries, and business lines.

6. Charter capital contribution

The company’s enterprise capital (investment capital) is comprised of charter capital and loan capital. The charter capital is a critical requirement after registering a company in Vietnam. It is the amount of funds that members (or shareholders) contribute or commit to contribute within a certain period as stated in the charter and must be fully contributed within 90 days from the date on which the company is established.

Complete company services

Everything you need to start and manage your company in Vietnam.

Our end-to-end service means you never have to lift a finger for your company registration in Vietnam. Partnering with us means you never have to worry about other requirements such as registered offices facilities, statutory compliance and document filing with the appropriate authorities.

Essential company services.

  • Company registration

    We will prepare and file the documents and complete your company registration with the DPI.

  • Lease assistance

    We will review your lease agreement, liaise with your lessor to discuss and obtain the lease documents, and arrange for you to sign the lease agreement.

  • Bank account opening

    We will assist the company with the process of opening bank accounts (covering Capital and Current accounts). The specific bank where the accounts will be opened will be discussed and agreed with the company upon commencement.

  • Acting legal representative
    & corporate governance

    We act as the resident legal representative or chief representative. Our role includes acting as gatekeepers, maintaining the check and balance on the company’s management, with a view to safeguarding the interest of the company and protecting the interests of the shareholders. This service is often combined with our corporate secretarial services for the full corporate services support.

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Additional compliance services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all the government requirements.

  • Corporate secretarial & compliance

    We will handle all your board meeting documentation, filing, custodial safekeeping, stamping volume needs, and more for you to keep your new company globally compliant.

    Learn more

  • Accounting & tax

    Maintain compliance with local requirements with accounting services and appointment of a Chief Accountant. Reduce tax burden and ensure on-time tax filing to avoid penalties.

    Learn more

  • HR & payroll

    Pay your employees on time and keep track of compensations and benefits to ensure compliance with labour laws.

    Learn more

  • Advisory

    Leveraging our expert advice will help you to achieve business goals efficiently. Our years of experience will help you overcome business challenges and boost business growth.

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Common questions.

How long does it take for an IRC to be issued?
Authorities are required to issue the IRC within 15 days from the receipt of the valid application. Time also needs to be allowed for collation of documents and completion of application forms, which can take quite some time to facilitate.
How long does it take for an ERC to be issued?
When an investor has received their IRC, their ERC will then be processed by the Business Registration Division of the Department of Planning and Investment. The authority is to issue the certificate within 3 working days from the receipt of completed application, but again the application documentation and forms can add time to the process.
What is a legal representative?
An enterprise’s legal representative is an individual who can exercise the rights and obligations for and on behalf of that enterprise. Generally, only a legal representative can sign contracts for the company with other parties, although Power of Attorneys can be issued to delegate certain powers to others in the organisation.
Do I have to reside in Vietnam if I am a legal representative?
A company can have more than one legal representative. However, the law requires that at least one legal representative resides in Vietnam. If all legal representatives are outside of Vietnam for more than 30 days, they must authorise another party to exercise their rights.
What can I use as my Vietnam company’s registered address?
All companies in Vietnam require a fixed place of business (the registered address) for registration and ongoing compliance. Using a private house can be permitted for company registration (depending upon the business lines and purpose), however apartments cannot be used. Virtual offices will usually not be satisfactory to the authorities, although a dedicated desk within a serviced office space is ordinarily sufficient to meet the requirements. Lawyers and other service providers can lease out part of their offices for clients where they hold permission to sub-lease and have a real-estate leasing license, but this is not common in Vietnam.
What documents are required to establish a company in Vietnam?

The key documents that need arranging are detailed below. Note that “legalised” documents require different processes in different countries, with a Vietnamese Embassy abroad generally required to be part of the process when documents are processed outside of Vietnam.

For corporate investors:

  • Legalisation of the company’s legal documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Charter, Business profile, etc.)
  • Original bank statement/bank letter/audited financial statements
  • Notarised passport/ID card of the legal representative of the Vietnam company by People’s Committee in Vietnam/legalised passport
  • Notarised passport/ID card of representative(s) who is (are) authorised by the investing company by People’s Committee in Vietnam/legalised passport
  • Lease contract
  • Documentation in relation to the leasing right of the landlord

For individual investors:

  • Notarised passport of the owner(s) by People’s Committee in Vietnam/legalised passport
  • Original bank statement(s)/bank letter
  • Lease contract
  • Documentation in relation to the leasing right of the landlord
When are investors required to contribute their charter capital?

Upon establishing a company in Vietnam, investors are required to contribute their charter capital (akin to share capital, although there are no formal “shares” issued for limited liability companies in Vietnam) within 90 days from the ERC’s date of issuance.

For foreign investors, the capital must come from their bank account abroad, and this needs to be sent to a Direct Investment Capital Account (DICA) opened by the Vietnamese company, before it can be transferred to the company’s operating account and used for operating purposes.

What are the immediate post-licensing requirements of a company in Vietnam?

After establishing a company in Vietnam, several post-licensing procedures are required to be completed. These can be divided into two elements:

Corporate finalisations:

  • Application for making public notification of the new company’s establishment
  • Purchasing a company seal
  • Application for announcement of the seal specimen to the relevant authority
  • Draft decision of appointment of the General Director/Director

Compliance & registration:

  • Appointment/registration of chief accountant with authorities
  • Payment of annual business licence fee
  • Opening of bank accounts, and registration of accounts with authorities
  • Tax registrations, including VAT registration and e-invoice application
  • Registration of accounting system, chart of accountants, and associated elections
  • Labour registrations
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