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Hosted by WeWork

Spotlight series: Business the right way.

Spotlight series: business the right way

About this event

Join our Event in Ho Chi Minh City on 23 April 2019, hosted by WeWork and presented by Acclime Vietnam: “Spotlight Series: Business the Right Way”.

Founders and investors, start-ups and entrepreneurs face each day common issues related to how to be compliant in Vietnam without damaging their business, and how to maximise their business’ value. Using the power of example and his extensive experience in managing start-up ventures, Matthew will reveal a hands-on, practical talk on perseverance and solution driven mindset as key assets in creating a successful business in Vietnam.

A key take-away from Matthew’s discussions is understanding exits and maximising the opportunities and value from a potential future exit for your business endeavours. How do early start-ups achieve success? Join us for a key presentation on doing business in Vietnam the right way.

Seminar details

  • Date:
    Apr 23, 2019
  • Time:
    6:00 pm
  • Location:
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Speakers:
    Matthew Lourey
  • Fee: