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Labour law, work permits & residency.

Labour law, work permits & residency

About this event

Join us on 18 June 2020 for a free webinar, hosted by Auscham Vietnam, on upcoming changes to Vietnam’s Labour Laws, Work Permit requirements and Residency rules.

Join Matthew Lourey, Managing Partner at Acclime, and Minh Duong, Partner at Asia Counsel and President of AusCham, on 18 June 2020 to learn about upcoming changes to Labour Laws and Immigration rules in Vietnam, and in particular how they impact foreign employees in Vietnam. The seminar will go through requirements for employment, the process to be undertaken before making an offer to foreign employees, and specific requirements for the issuance of a Work Permit in Vietnam.

Webinar details

  • Date:
    Jun 18, 2020
  • Time:
    10:00 am
  • Location:
  • Speakers:
    Minh Duong, Matthew Lourey

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