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The future of work in Vietnam.

Acclime discusses with Daan van Rossum, CEO at Dreamplex about how workplaces in Vietnam evolved in the last few years and how hybrid work, work from home and flexible workspaces will impact the future of work for organisations and individuals alike.

Matthew Lourey, the Managing Partner of Acclime Vietnam and the host of the second Acclime Conversations episode discussed with Daan about his personal growth story in Vietnam, key insights on coworking and flexible workspace, hybrid work models, organisational culture, training, staff development and details on how international investors are preparing their organisations to take advantage of the changing narrative about employee productivity, culture and work.

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Daan van Rossum

Before I started my Dream job, I worked in marketing strategy for around 15 years in Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Singapore, and finally, Ho Chi Minh City. I spoke at conferences across the world and wrote for a large number of publications. I then made my “life pivot” in 2017, when I decided to pursue my “Ikigai” of letting people find their purpose and design their everyday life towards it. The time I’m not “working,” I spend with my wife and son – ideally in our mountain home in Da Lat.

About Dreamplex

Driven by over 5 years of data and insights from running workplaces for startups, fast-growing SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, we know what it takes to create a great workplace experience. And how it can positively impact both companies and their employees. That’s why we have made it our mission to reinvent what work is like. To give companies who care about their people a place and space for employees to belong, connect, learn, grow and develop towards their full potential. All the while doing their very best work for their inspiring companies. Delivering all that is what we call, a better day at work.