Deconstructing the manufacturing opportunity in Vietnam.

Acclime discusses with Paul Norriss, CEO at UnAvailable about the garment industry in Vietnam, covering opportunities and growth strategies for manufacturers in Vietnam, sustainability and eco-friendly business models, trade agreements and how Vietnam can position itself as a reliable hub for attracting quality, environmentally friendly manufacturing investments.

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Paul Norriss

Un-available Manufacturing has a newly built factory located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where it produces all of the Un-available garments, as well as producing for Un-available Manufacturing’s numerous fashion clients. At present, the factory houses 400 full-time skilled workers, and is arranged into six process lines divided between fine knit, heavy and light woolen garments. We have our own teams for laundry, packing, and fabric and accessories warehousing. In addition, we have quality control staff expert in monitoring cutting, online, and finishing, as well as quality control staff experienced in checking print and embroidery work. Our merchandising, design and CAD pattern making staff can manage production orders ranging from low volume/150 piece fashion runs through to large volume/50,000 piece price point lines. Our current machinery enables us to produce a full range of garments from high-end fashion wear – including shirting, jackets, skirts and pants – to casual and athletic clothing for both men and women. We are set-up to handle primarily mid-volume, high quality production orders. As we continue to supplement and diversify the equipment in our factory, our in-house annual production capacity will soon reach 1,000,000 pieces of fashion garments.
About UnAvailable
UnAvailable’s mission is to cultivate an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient space within the garment industry that positively influences people’s lives. The company works to continually educate their staff and increase awareness around sustainability, with the hope of inspiring others looking to create worthwhile change. As manufacturers of high-quality garments for iconic and globally recognized brands, Un-Available prioritizes quality metrics. These metrics convey value and correlate strongly with transparency, fairness, and responsible sourcing leadership. When building partnerships, the company aligns with like-minded brands seeking to accomplish the same goals to achieve sustainability through attainable measures.