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Tax advisory in Vietnam.

When you expand your business abroad, we will help you stay on top of important tax updates in Vietnam such as license fee exemptions, tax declarations, and so much more. We can help with developing a tax strategy that is tailored to your unique needs.

Tax advisory

Optimise your taxes & boost business profitability.

We understand tax strategy, the Vietnam context and international expectations. We work reliably to help you fit your Vietnam operation into a regional or global operation through the following means:

Extensive assistance

Vietnam’s tax procedures are not only time-consuming, but also opaque and constantly changing. We provide extensive assistance with Vietnamese tax obligations and requirements for entities operating in Vietnam, and those seeking to enter Vietnam.
Dedicated staff

Single point of contact

From tax advisory and strategy development, through to ongoing monthly and quarterly compliance, our tax services team is experienced in understanding needs, developing corporate solutions, and delivering a managed risk tax strategy in Vietnam.

Regular updates

Our regular publications will keep you informed of the latest developments in Vietnam taxation — from the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), official letters released by tax authorities, through to Vietnam Tax Administration Law.
Corporate & personal tax advisory

Our tax advisory services.


Corporate tax.

  • Corporate tax consulting

    With our corporate tax consulting support and services, we can assist with a wide range of tax planning and professional advisory services, including specific tax strategies and issues with entering and operating in Vietnam. We can also help with tax inspections and issue resolution with the authorities and long-term tax compliance in Vietnam.

  • Transfer pricing consulting, compliance, & support

    Vietnamese transfer pricing requirements have changed in recent years to be more aligned with OECD standards, but still has significant differences and quirks. We assist companies in understanding the regulations in Vietnam and put strategies in place to minimise the risks and ongoing compliance impacts of transfer pricing requirements.

Single time- or project-based fee

Personal tax.

  • Personal income tax advisory & support

    We assist expatriate employees with their Vietnamese tax obligations. This includes foreign tax equalisations, Vietnamese quarterly provisional, and annual personal income tax finalisations. We also provide a wide range of tax advisory, compliance, and rectification support for individuals in Vietnam.

Single fee

Additional tax advisory services.

  • Pre-incorporation structuring
    Reorganisations and refinancing
    Profit extraction
    Advising on the applicability of double tax treaties
Single fee

Common questions.

Can a foreign individual claim tax refunds in Vietnam?
Yes. Foreign individuals can claim tax refunds. VAT refunds are also available for taxpayers whose VAT credits exceed VND300 million for export activities and for companies with new projects that adopt the Credit Method.
How much tax does a foreign individual pay in Vietnam?
The Personal Income Tax (PIT) in Vietnam will be based upon an individual’s tax residency status. Employment income is generally subject to varying progressive rates, with other income subject to fixed tax rates. Depending on an individual’s monthly taxable income bracket, the PIT rate can range from 5% to 35% if you are a tax resident. The PIT rate for a non-tax resident is at 20%.
How much is VAT in Vietnam?
Goods and services declared under the Credit Method have a VAT rate that can range from 0% to 10%. VAT exemptions also apply. Goods and services declared under the Direct Method have a VAT rate of 1% to 5%.
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