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Accounting & tax
services in Vietnam.

Be up to date with the ever-changing, time-consuming accounting and taxation procedures with the help of our experts. We can help you maintain a compliant Vietnamese general ledger and stay on top of license fee exemptions, tax declarations, tax compliance obligations, and more.
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On-time accounting & tax services
that give you peace of mind.

Speed fast

On-time filings

We prepare and submit your returns timely and correctly throughout the year, so you can maintain compliance, enjoy peace of mind, and avoid penalties. We will advise you well in advance of upcoming deadlines.


Compliant software

While we opt for locally compliant accounting software (where we create and maintain your database), our accountants can also work with other compliant cloud-based solutions based on your needs.

Accurate reporting

Our skilled staff possess international understandings and expectations of reporting. We are knowledgeable in both VAS-compliant standards and basic management accounts or full IFRS/US GAAP reporting.
Essential services

Accounting & tax statutory compliance.

Statutory accounting compliance.

  • General ledger accounting, bookkeeping & financial reporting

    We review the provided and compiled source data and enter it into AccNet (or other locally compliant software if required). Your books and accounting records are maintained in two languages: Vietnamese and English.

    What is included?

    General ledger accounting & bookkeeping.

    Our services include:

    • General ledger accounting
    • Voucher preparation
    • Monthly bank account reconciliation
    • Monthly accruals
    • Monthly Vietnamese Accounting System (VAS) reports including Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

    Financial reporting (annually)
    We will prepare a full set of annual financial statements in accordance with VAS and the necessary reports for tax lodgment and audit purposes. In addition to the required VAS compliant general ledger, we also help with developing monthly management financial reporting. These reports not only let you make strategic decisions but also maintain compliance with local and international industry standards.

    Monthly, annually

  • Chief accountant appointment

    As a licensed provider of professional Chief Accountant services, we can designate our personnel to be registered as your Chief Accountant. This role represents a key function for every company operating in Vietnam, and reviews, approves, and signs accounting vouchers and documents.

    What is included?

    Chief accountant appointment.

    We will:

    • Review and sign-off on accounting vouchers (i.e. payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, and journal voucher)
    • Review and sign-off on financial statements of the company
    • Liaise with the company, auditors, and tax authorities on routine matters (excluding tax audit)


  • Audit assistance

    We will complete an annual Financial Statement preparation in line with VAS requirements. However, additional audit obligations may arise at any time during the year (for example, for foreign-invested companies). In that case, we will assist you with those requirements and work with your nominated auditor.

    What is included?

    Audit assistance.

    Specifically, we can support with additional assistance in the audit process:

    • Attending and participating in audit planning meetings with your auditors
    • Attending and assisting with audit fieldwork with your auditors
    • Reviewing, advising, and liaising with regards to audit results from your auditors
    • Other discussions/advice to management based on the audits

    We will provide requested information that we have on hand to your auditor to facilitate your audits. These may include statutory Vietnamese Audits (as required by foreign-owned companies in Vietnam), group audits as are necessary for parent company consolidation purposes, or interim audits for transaction purposes.


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Corporate & personal tax compliance.

  • Value added tax (VAT) compliance

    The concept of VAT in Vietnam revolves around the tax Invoice (commonly referred to as a red invoice), and Acclime will assist you with meeting the input and output compliance obligations for VAT, along with the monthly/quarterly lodgments, refund claims for investors, and annual requirements.

    What is included?

    Value added tax (VAT) compliance.

    Our services include:

    • Coordinating with you to collect the necessary information
    • Preparing monthly or quarterly VAT declaration according to current requirements (ensuring that all possible VAT claims are considered) and forward it to you for approval
    • Submitting monthly or quarterly VAT declaration to the local tax authorities
    • Informing you about opportunities and schedule of the VAT refund claims, where appropriate

    Monthly, quarterly & annually

  • Withholding tax (WHT) compliance

    Please note that you will be in charge of collecting necessary information from the foreign contractor and send them to us for tax declaration and lodgment. We will then:

    What is included?

    Withholding tax (WHT) compliance.

    Once we receive your documents we will:

    • Register tax code for foreign contractor
    • File WHT liability as and when incurred

    Ad hoc

  • Corporate income tax (CIT) compliance & return

    We assist with meeting your ongoing corporate income tax obligations in Vietnam, including annual finalisations, quarterly provisional lodgments, and monthly documentation for compliance and strategic planning. Throughout the year, we will alert and advise you of any significant tax issues and potential risks.

    What is included?

    Corporate income tax (CIT) compliance ∓ return.

    Our services include:

    • Coordinating with you to collect any necessary information
    • Calculating CIT payable every quarter and informing you of the amount owed to the local tax authorities
    • Preparing annual CIT finalisation and sending to you for approval before submitting to the local tax authorities within 90 days after the financial year-end date
    • Securing yearly tax receipt and certification of tax paid (if any)

    Monthly, quarterly & annually

  • Business licensing tax compliance

    We will take care of your annual declaration of business licensing tax, even advising if you liable for it.

    What is included?

    Business licensing tax compliance.

    As part of this service, we will:

    • Coordinate with you to collect the necessary information
    • Determine whether your company is required to submit a business licensing tax declaration on an annual basis, then prepare and submit the tax declaration (if any) to the local tax authorities
    • Inform and instruct on tax payable amount and payment by 30th January each year


  • Quarterly and annual PIT self-finalisations

    We will assist you on quarterly and annual PIT self-finalisation, on your behalf, and this includes preparation of calculations, collecting the required documents, lodging with the relevant tax authorities, and conducting required procedures.

    Quarterly & annually

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Additional accounting services.

Tax & compliance reviews and health checks
Get a strong understanding of the risks and issues that need attention within your organisation and what their financial impacts are. Using a checklist-based approach, we will review your company’s tax compliance and lodgment history (commonly referred to as a Corporate Health Check), so you can minimise risks and future tax exposures.
Taxation policy & compliance manuals
Strengthen control and compliance environment with internal manuals and policies, which are aligned with a group’s corporate requirements and Vietnamese tax obligations. We have extensive experience in developing manuals and guidelines in conjunction with regional and international teams to ensure corporate governance, consistency across regions, and local compliance.
International conversion & reporting
We assess group policies, software, and deadlines to develop the appropriate processes and procedures to ensure VAS compliance and simplify conversion for reporting following International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).
Corrective bookkeeping & accounting
We assign an individual or team to rectify and recreate compliant records for your company if there is a need for historical corrective action or you have experienced unreliable accounting function.
Weekly bank batch payment processing
Each week we will review and upload into your online banking software your approved batch of payments for the week. This allows clients who are travelling regularly to have a simplified payment process, where the payments can be reviewed and approved via email and online with the bank token. For clients using this support service, we generally process one weekly payment on an agreed day each week, along with an additional salary payment run (where necessary) at the end of the month. We also take into consideration that from time to time, urgent payments may arise, and we will endeavour to assist with these accordingly and timely, provided they do not occur regularly. Ongoing monthly fee per bank
Internal financial policy establishment
An Internal Financial Policy is necessary for enterprises to codify and facilitate effective finance/accounting operation and management. It generally involves provisions of internal expenses and allowances/benefits for the staff of the company. We will assist with establishing an Internal Financial Policy which meets and balances the requirements of the prevailing Vietnamese law, and of the company’s owner, and is appropriate to the actual operation of the company. A draft of the Internal Financial Policy will be prepared based upon discussions with the client to understand the requirements and operation of the company and agree on key terms/regulations. The draft will be sent to the client for review, and after one round of amendments and comments, it will be completed and released for usage in the final format. One-off fee
Crisis management
Our crisis management services include dealing with critical situations such as strikes, management of termination of key employees, tax audits, labour audits. Our assigned personnel will be with you throughout the entire period right until the resolution of the crisis.
Statistical reports and foreign investment reports (DPI Reports) preparation and lodgement

Statistical Reports:

Companies in Vietnam are required to lodge various statistical reports on an annual basis with relevant authorities, based upon their income sources, licensed activities, loan status, and employment decisions. We will assist the company in meeting these obligations as they arise.

DPI Reports:

All foreign-owned companies in Vietnam are required to lodge foreign investment reports with the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We can assist the company with the preparation and lodgment of these reports as they arise.

Monthly fee

Taxation due diligence
We work with investors seeking to undertake transactions in Vietnam to complete tax due diligence on a target company, often in conjunction with a financial due diligence exercise. These processes obtain an accurate picture and analysis of the potential investment entity and facilitate pricing and matters for rectification in documentation or post-investment.
Report on related party (affiliate) transactions – Form 1

We will support in preparing the Form 1 as required by Decree 20/2017/ND-CP based on accounting records maintained by Acclime and your company’s supporting documents and forward it to you for approval. We will discuss with you any additional supporting services on transfer pricing compliance purpose and will be billed separately. We will also help with:

  • Preparing report on related party (affiliate) transactions
  • Submitting to the local tax authorities within 90 days after the financial year-end date
Monthly/quarterly accounting reviews
We review and fill the gaps in language and skillsets (especially the VAS statutory bookkeeping requirements versus international standards and expectations). We ensure that the reports are error-free, appropriate to your industry, and meets Vietnamese requirements.
Post establishment registration & support
After you have received the initial investment license, you have obligations to register with authorities and open bank accounts. Our team will help you prepare for these processes and ensure completion within the required timeline.
Invoice issuance support
We will receive invoice issuance requests from the client’s internal staff which have been approved by a competent level of authority in the company, with sufficient and correct information. We will review the provided information and issue invoices accordingly. The invoice issuance is expected to be processed weekly, however this is dependent on the volume of invoices. An appropriate process and timeline can be discussed and agreed with the company to meet your particular needs. Monthly fee: 2,000,000VND per month for up to 10 invoices/month.
Quarterly report on foreign loans
Vietnam companies which have loans (regardless of short-term or medium/long-term loans) from offshore sources (corporates/organisations or individuals), are required to perform reports on foreign loans implementation and submit to the State Bank of Vietnam quarterly. We can assist the company in meeting these obligations as they arise. Monthly fee
Official letter preparation
During the operation of the company, issues may arise when provisions are not specified with clarity in prevailing Vietnamese laws regarding appropriate actions/processes. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek advice from relevant authorities. Upon client’s enquiry, we will prepare an Official Letter to obtain advice from the authorities regarding particular issues. We will discuss with the company to clarify these matters and key points, and then the Official Letter will be prepared accordingly upon the agreed content. The Official Letter can be submitted to the relevant authority by internal staff of client or under our support where required. One-off fee per Official Letter
Outsourced finance function
Good financial records form a solid foundation for financial reporting and decision making. Our qualified accountants use a variety of software platforms ̣(desktop, cloud-based) which keeps costs down and allows users to interact with and analyse data in real time from anywhere in the world. Combined with a detailed knowledge of practical management accounting, we are able to take the administrative strain off your staff.
Business process outsourcing
We offer a fully functioning finance and accounting outsourcing service, which serves as a strategic game-changer in helping you derive greater business value from your finance and accounting processes. Be it for transactions, financial reports and compliances, cost saving agenda or more. Our services covers end-to-end finance and accounting processes including pay to procure (P2P), order to cash (O2C ) and record to report (R2R) solutions.
Premium help desk support

Accounting help when you need it.

For clients seeking comfort in having access to professional advice and assistance, we offer a help desk service on retainer. Each month, we provide up to two hours of assistance in taxation matters by email or telephone.

Complimentary services

Gain valuable insights into your company.

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We provide complimentary reports that allow you to get deeper insights into the performance of your company. The reporting includes:

Monthly management letter

Receive a monthly letter from the Partner in charge of your account, providing a summary of work completed and any issues arising.

What is included?

Monthly management letter.

Our service includes:

  • All work completed in the month following the agreed scope of work
  • Issues and problems identified during the month that will need further attention in future periods
  • Any additional work undertaken during the month

Additionally attached to the Monthly Management Letter are copies of the reports, lodgments, and other documents prepared, submitted, or distributed during the month (other than payroll files — for confidentiality purposes). This letter, and its attachments, can then be filed and retained by the company each month as support that it complies with Vietnamese obligations.

Monthly management (financial) report

We design and produce a Standard Monthly Management (Financial) Report template that follows the company’s preferred reporting structure to measure financial performance and financial positions.
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Common questions.

Is there a property tax for foreigners in Vietnam?
Switching from one accountancy firm to another does not have to give you sleepless nights! We will take care of the entire process for you, from start to finish, starting with contacting your current accountant to requesting all the info we need to register with VAS to act on your behalf. We will take care of the cumbersome process while you focus on growing your business.
What are the requirements for setting up a bank account in Vietnam?
Companies, once they have received their ERC and completed the initial post-licensing activities, can open bank accounts with Vietnamese banks. The process is far easier, for most banks, than in other countries in the region due to the initial vetting and documentation process undertaken to obtain the ERC, therefore allowing for the banks to rely on this documentation for most of their needs. The common documentation required is represented by the company certificate of incorporation, the chief accountant appointment and the legal representative documents as well.
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