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Leveraging our values and developing our culture in the workplace.

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Leveraging our values and developing our culture in the workplace

At Acclime, we foster an inclusive environment focused on collaboration, creativity and professionalism. Since establishment, our journey has led us to achieve consistent growth year on year, culminating with the expansion of our Ho Chi Minh City team into a new office in District 1.

The new location brings together over 100 staff in a workspace designed for teamwork, creativity and inclusivity. The client focussed areas and meeting rooms, breakout spaces, phone booths and the event hall are all meant to enhance the way our staff work together.

With the move into our new office in Ho Chi Minh City, Acclime Vietnam seeks to achieve a complete alignment with its core values, enabling employees and clients to collaborate in a seamless manner. In the same time, our client focus is paramount and the new workspace facilitates effective interactions with our clients, in a confidential environment.


Innovation is at the core of what we do and innovative thinking and new technologies are what make Acclime different.

That is why we have chosen a green building as our new workspace, which uses energy efficient technology and design elements to maintain a sustainable resource efficacy and improve the indoor environmental quality.




Collaboration is one of the key values which enables our staff to deliver outstanding services.

In our new workspace, we enable collaboration with break-out areas and meeting rooms situated in the centre of the workplace, accessible by everyone but still private enough for practical discussions.

We have designed a special area as a coffee-shop where our staff can hold trainings, celebrations, casual group meetings or even private events, thus transforming the work environment into a multi-purpose space which enables creativity and knowledge-sharing.



Expertise, knowledge and confidentiality are definitory for our business model.

Acclime Vietnam’s staff are experienced professionals that have the same core objective as the company: to assist clients to grow and succeed in Vietnam, in a compliant and ethical manner.

We have designed our client meeting space having in mind our confidentiality value, where our staff can interact and provide value to our clients in a professional and private environment, supported by comfortable and fully equipped board rooms and presentation areas.




Vietnam is a fast-paced business market and we are constantly investing in the development of our staff and resources, so we can serve our clients better. We believe that knowledge and expertise are not enough to meet the demands of the internationalised global economy and understand that flexibility and adaptability are critical assets that enable us to better serve our clients and create longstanding value.

We believe that our new flagship office in Ho Chi Minh City is a representation of our culture and core values and expresses our commitment to deliver value to our clients and extended business community.

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